Embracing Minimalism…Kind of

Ever heard that famous quote by William Morris:


Well I am so guilty of having many things that I have no use for and certainly do not believe to be beautiful. Over the past year I have been working on clearing my mind through meditation and have carved out a space in my meditation that is wonderfully peaceful. My house…not so much. I am also a mother to two children under five so I know that my house will never be perfect. However, since having kids it seems as though we as a family have gotten into the habit of collecting. Between toys, baby paraphernalia, hobbies etc..our house has become too full of stuff which diminishes our ability to enjoy each other and the important things in life.

I think minimalism is a beautiful thing. The idea of owning less and become less attached to stuff is right in line with my views on the importance of reusing, recycling and reducing. As such I am trying to embrace some of the principles of minimalism and clear out some of the unneeded items in our home. I think it is also important to teach children the value of money and having so many toys, clothes etc…is certainly out of whack with this value. I still remember when I was very young my mother who was a nurse at the time went on strike. Our parents sat both me and my younger sister down and told us because Mom was on strike we would have to be very careful with our money and that we would lose our two dollar a week allowance until the strike was over. Could my parents have afforded four dollars a week for my sister and I to get an allowance, well of course but they chose that moment to teach us the value of money and that having possessions was not a given.

I have read a few tutorials and the some of the endless pinterest advice on decluttering. I am ready to start the process of purging the excess.  One of the books I read suggested starting with the closet, as it is one of the first things you see in the morning and one of the first places you need to visit while getting ready in the morning. Wish me luck!

Now for the kind of…while I am trying to embrace minimalism and the idea of making do with less, I will never have one of those homes with all white decor and a few important pieces. I am too in love with Bohemia for that. With that bring said aren’t these photos of bohemian rooms just beautiful?

boho one

boho 2

boho 3

I just love the color and how easy it looks to just fall into one of these rooms and be completely comfortable curled up with a good book.


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