New year, basking in the open heart.

I think that it is only natural to want to start fresh when the new year rings in. I do however find myself hastily making lofty goals for the year ahead- how I am going to all of a sudden become the neatest, most organized mom on the block or that I am only going to eat whole unprocessed foods.

Then January begins with the best of intentions and ends in take-out pizza and toys strewn around the house like we were robbed and the thieves didn’t care for broken crayons and missing puzzle pieces. Sure I could hang a sign asking for forgiveness based on the fact that we are making memories. This year no promises were made, no resolutions forged, no ideas that suddenly the house will become pinterest ready, I will bake all our bread and finally make it the year I return to a bikini.

No, with this year, comes the happy acceptance that my house will never grace the endless pages of pins, yes I might make bread but I will buy it too, and quite frankly I won’t ever return to a bikini, nor do I feel the need to.

Instead this year has begun with an open heart, a soul that has been stripped to a freeing nothing. The most beautiful kindness that I could have done for myself this year was to drop the expectations and pretenses for what I have to be and become open to whatever may be.

19 days into the new year, I have been busy clearing our home of unwanted yet still useful items through selling, donating and giving. I finally made the pot rack I’ve been thinking about for over a year.

Here it is:


I’ve read the new Jodi Piccoult book “Leaving Time” and it was wonderful. Her books are always so nicely researched and her ability to create characters is beautiful. This one was among my favorites.

I’ve begun to experiment with woodworking. I have always been attracted to building things and I’ve wondered why I never became a carpenter. I am excited about different projects and about building my skills.

It is incredible the sort of openness you can create when you drop the things that define you. This hasn’t come to me easily or naturally at first. Six months ago I started to get interested in meditation. To say there are many ways to meditate is an understatement. There are as many ways as there is ice cream flavors. At first I started thinking about meditation and setting intentions, which you can read alot about online. I found that it was adding to my stress, I was projecting goals and expectations on myself through the meditations.

This is when I turned to a friend who introduced me to Mooji. While he can get quite in depth and a bit pedantic the general premise was so helpful. It was just the idea of letting yourself empty so that you can be open to whatever. You will be surprised what will come to you when you let yourself be open to anything.

I am not sure where this blog is going…but I am excited and open to where my heart guides.


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