My Favourite Things

These are a few on my favourite things…


Aculief – The aculief is a small clip like device that you wear on your hand. It provides gentle acupressure that helps relieve headaches. I bought one of these to help reduce the need for medication when I get headaches and for that it works. When used at the onset of headache pain it is helpful in curbing a full blown headache. However when a headache/ migraine is already underway I have found medication is still necessary.


Cuppow – this product turns a mason jar into a sip cup. It’s just fun!


Surface Hair Care – This line of products are vegan, paraben free, sulfate free and awesome. My hair gets clean, stays smooth and is enjoyable to use. Before I found these products I used baking soda and water…while this method worked I didn’t really like using the no poo.


Veganomicon – This cookbook has a lot of great nice easy comfort type recipes. My favourite so far is the Mediterranean Lima Beans.


Onyx Containers – this container is airtight, leakproof, and stainless steel. Enough of those yucky plastic containers.

These are just a few of my newest favourite things. I have not been solicited by any of these product they are just things I like. Especially the Veganomicon!

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