Raw Food Love- Rawxies!


My Rawxies order has arrived…I don’t know whose more excited me or the girls at work who will no longer have to deal with me pestering them about the mail anymore.

First thing first I haven’t been given stuff to write this post or receive any benefits from doing so…this all pure food love!

I’ve been dabbling in raw food for awhile now and bought my first dehydrator about half a year ago…just the circle kind you pay under fifty bucks for. I like to think that I’ve made some good food…some decent treats. Well let me tell you Rawxies makes the kind of treats I wish I could make at home!

Those of you who are into raw food or if you are like me and are an aspiring raw food aficionado take yourself over to www.rawxies.com just as quick as your fingers will take you! You won’t be disappointed.

As an aside…these treats are also vegan!

2 thoughts on “Raw Food Love- Rawxies!

  1. Wow, I love that they have that shirt in red now! I have it in grey with pink writing but I would have loved the red one. 🙂

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