Meal Plan February 24 – March 2

I just got back from Vancouver early this morning after a gruesome delay at the Calgary airport. This was my first trip to Vancouver as an adult…unfortunately the weather was the pits but I got to know a new coworker better which was nice.

I also had my first experience at a whole foods market! Oh man I am seriously in love. Don’t get me wrong I like our little organic food co-op here in Saskatoon and adore the farmers market. I also think buying local is best…but whole foods is really awesome. All sorts of specialty items in one place, I could have spent hours there.

I also went to a Mongolia grill…it is a restaurant where you get to pick all the ingredients you want from veggies, noodles, meat, sauces, etc…and put them in a bowl. They weigh it and then cook it on a giant super hot grill. It too was awesome. Vancouver is a neat place but definitely not for me…the weather had me in a gloomy mood. It was rainy and dark the entire time we were there.

I did however get some inspiration for my upcoming meals and I thought I would share with y’all the plan for this week.

Sunday- soy salmon over rice

Meatless Monday- vegan gyoza

Tuesday- Mongolia grill inspired stir fry

Wednesday- Panko coated shrimp with fried quinoa patties

Thrusday- baked potato bar

Friday- Freshii inspired salad ( if you have a Freshii nearby go! It is a really good chain that has salads, bowls and wraps…they even have vegan options) we don’t have one in Saskatoon.

Saturday- Hubby is home from his work trip where he will have been eating mine food (cafeteria style) so we will have pan seared steak over risotto with Parmesan asparagus

I will try to share some recipes this week as I don’t have an overly full schedule but hubby will be away so that always makes life interesting.

Hope you all have a great week!

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