Meal Plan 21 – 25 2013

Last week I started back to work and because hubby’s hours are so all over place I am the one to get the littles ready in the morning, drop them off and pick them up and make supper. Well despite my best intentions we had a less then stellar week of eating.

This week I made sure I was ready by planning my fam’s week of meals and doing a lot of the prep this afternoon. Here’s what I have planned for this week. I figured I would only plan the weekdays and leave the weekends free. I will post some of the recipes this week.

Meatless Monday – Lentil Cottage Pie – Vegan

Tuesday – Nacho Dip with Tortilla chips and veggies- Vegetarian

Wednesday – Turkey Lentil Soup

Thursday – Burritos with Brown rice and Beans

Friday – Spaghetti with Tomato Veggie Sauce – Vegan

I already have the lentil pie, nacho dip and soup prepared so I figure we have a pretty good chance of eating decent this week. I also made some more vegan oatmeal cookies and set aside some of the Refried beans from the dip for lunches. Being a working mama can get a bit hectic! Especially now that I have two little ones.

Any working moms have tips to make life easier?

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