How to Be Happy with Less

Let me start by saying that I am so blessed with a home, a wonderful husband, two great girls and a job I genuinely enjoy. However every so often I find myself longing for something more, a bigger kitchen, a new wardrobe, a hot weather holiday, more financial freedom etc… It is at these times that I need to stop myself and remind myself that more is not the answer as once you get more there is always even more to be had. So if more is not the answer how then can one be happy with less?

Focus on What you Have

Have you ever noticed what you are doing when you find yourself thinking about a new house, a new car, a better wardrobe? For me it is usually that I am admiring something that someone else has, whether that’s through magazines, in person or other media. The bible says thou shall not covet for a reason…it makes you unhappy!

Stop wasting time being unhappy and start focusing on those things in your life that are great or that need improving. For instance if I spent half the time I spend daydreaming about a bigger better house into improving my current house I’m sure I would be much happier and probably a lot less cluttered.

Serve those with Less

I’m sure we’ve all been told at one point to stop complaining and be grateful for what we have because some people aren’t as lucky, or to eat all our vegetables because some people don’t have enough to eat. At least I’m sure I was told these things growing up. While I think that it is wonderful to be grateful for the things we have especially in light of the fact that others may not be as fortunate. However I think that it is even better to serve those who could benefit from a warm meal, a visit, a donation or even some spare change.

When we spend time sharing our blessings with others we become much more appreciative of those blessings.

Examine your Priorities

When thinking about wanting more you need to examine what that desire will cost you. Sure I’d like a bigger kitchen but if having a bigger kitchen means that either myself or my husband have to work additional hours taking away from our time as a family is that really worth the convenience of having more space to cook in?

Is having designer labels or expensive ingredients worth cutting back expenses in other areas of your life? For me it is more important that we build a comfortable amount of savings then is wearing a pair of Guess jeans. Having the freedom to take little family vacations is more important to us than having a huge house.

When you focus on what you gain by living with less it is easier to be happier with less.

How are you happy with less?

2 thoughts on “How to Be Happy with Less

  1. What a great post! Thank you. I too remember the rule to ‘not covet’ and remind myself of that when occasionally I indulge in looking through a decorating magazine or blog and start wishing for a different kitchen, garden, or house! Then I come back down to earth and remember to be deeply grateful for what I have. And like you refer to here, when we don’t covet we remain happier! Also living with less means less housework 🙂 And I can always do with less of that! Cheers, Gina

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