Lemon Powder


I really love True Lemon. It’s kind of expensive but totally awesome. However due to its cost I don’t often get it. I’ve wondered about making some myself and then I found a big bag of organic lemons for like three bucks. It was fate! Here’s how I made my fake not as good but still good True Lemon.

I cut up the lemons and put them on my dehydrator trays.


I set the temp to 150. 20 hours later they looked like this. You want to make sure there is no moisture left.


I put them in my blender and pulsed them like crazy. If I had a food processor it would have been way better but I don’t. C’est la vie!

I put about two tsp in per glass and its good. Tasty refreshing lemon water or tea. I also used it to make a glass of lemonade. You could also use it to keep fruit from browning just sprinkle into water and rinse the fruit.


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3 thoughts on “Lemon Powder

  1. I just realized that my last question came across as brusk and rude. I’m sorry! I mean to inquire on if you thought this would be good to use in the dishwasher to keep it clean, like some people use lemon powder. Thanks!

    • Hmmm. I’m not sure. I don’t actually have a dish washer. The heat of the water would definitely reconstitute the lemon. Maybe if you mixed the lemon powder with baking soda the two together would do a nice job. Not rude…just to the point.

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