Eco Christmas Tree


Like our Christmas tree this year? I saw this project on Pinterest and though it would be really cute until I started looking into felt and how it’s made.

Then I found felt which has been made from recycled post consumer plastic bottles.

The felt is called Rainbow Classic Felt and is made by The Kunin Group using polyester from Eco Fi. I found this felt at my local fabric store.

It is a little more expensive then felt that can be purchased at a dollar store. For example felt sheets at Dollar Tree are sold in my town for 44 cents. I purchased the Eco Fi sheets for 79 cents.

There are a few positives that I think make up for the price difference. The Eco Fi sheets are more sturdy and don’t rip as easily which will help increase their longevity especially as my kids pull and bite them (kids put everything in their mouths). They are thicker and less translucent than cheaper sheets. They also come in a bunch of really nice colours.

So far my kids are loving this tree! I am loving how Eco friendly it is!

And yes this will be our only tree this year and likely for years into the future.

Don’t you love it when crafting and environmental responsibility collide? I can see a lot of fun felt projects in our future.

2 thoughts on “Eco Christmas Tree

    • There are a few brands of felt that use Eco-fi. I just found another company at Michaels which sells for 49 cents a sheet! Only 5 cents more than the dollar tree.

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