Ten Ways to be Greener Today

There are many ways from simple to more complicated that we can all be greener. Here are a few of the easiest ones. My hope is that you will commit to making one of these changes.

Keep Water in the Fridge

Keeping water in a pitcher in the fridge saves water every time you don’t have to wait for it to cool down out of the tap. Plus it’s more convenient. Add lemons and limes for an easy flavoured water.

Switch to E-Bills

Many companies will now send you your bills by email or give you access online. Switching to e-bills saves not only paper but fuel which is used to transport paper mail. E bills are another green option that is also more convenient, no bills to store and find.

Go Paperless

A lot of people enjoy the visual of having things written down, myself included, which is why I keep a whiteboard in my kitchen for quickly jolting down notes while cooking and creating recipes. Once done and when I have the time I will transfer the good stuff to my tablet or I take a picture of it for later use. This way I am not only saving paper but saving my home from the clutter of having notes everywhere.

Unplug Electronics when Not in Use

Even when not using them a lot of electronics and appliances are using electricity. A lot of coffee makers, ovens, microwaves, DVD players etc…have clocks that stay on when the product is not in use. How many clocks does one family need on? Chargers, TVs, Tassimos, etc…have little lights that stay on 24 hrs a day. Simply unplugging these devices saves energy, not a lot but a little here and there all adds up. Simply plug in the device, electronic or appliance when you plan on using it and unplug it when you are done.

Use a Drinking Glass more than Once

There’s no need to get a new glass for each and every drink. Use one cup for the day and rinse it out when you want to switch from one drink to a different one. Not only does this save water by reducing washing but it creates fewer dishes to do. Who doesn’t want to do fewer dishes?

Turn Off the Lights

During the day open the curtains and let the sun shine in! Let nature be your light. When you leave a room turn off the light every time. When we get busy it can be easy to forget to turn off lights. Set times during the day to run around and turn off any stray lights. Try this after meals and before bed until your family gets more accustomed to turning off lights.

Get Books from the Library or Purchase E Books

Both these options not only save paper but they save money. Library books are wonderfully free! Libraries may lack a Starbucks and music but they let you take home books for free. If free isn’t your style then e books are on average less expensive then printed books.

Wear a Sweater and Use an Extra Blanket

Instead of turning up the heat use a sweater or an extra blanket at night. Now I am by no means telling you to freeze but try turning down the heat at night. You’ll save power and you might even get a better sleep. Apparently people sleep better in cooler temperatures.

Take Care of Drafts

Find the places in your home where cool air enters. If its around windows try using plastic film and a hair dryer to seal your windows. Packages can be purchased at home stores or super centres. If its around your doors try putting a rolled up towel down or if you’re crafty there are many tutorials around for sewing door draft stoppers.

If it’s Yellow let it Mellow

Can you guess what the rest of the rhyme is…if its brown flush it down. One family can save a lot of water by not flushing every bathroom trip. If you’re having company by all means flush however when it’s just family save a bit of water and let it mellow.

Hope you liked these tips…sorry it’s a pic less post!

What is your favourite green tip?

4 thoughts on “Ten Ways to be Greener Today

  1. I’m loving this post! All are ideas I implement and I cheer you on for passing along these easy-to-do tips. With your first tip about cold water in the fridge for drinking, I have an addition: we have an old, nearly toothless cat who nonetheless loves her kibble so I keep a watering can beside the sink to capture the tap water before it gets hot twice a day when I soften her meal. I capture enough to fill the watering can in 2 days and then I water my plants! Thanks for this terrific post. Cheers!

    • Thanks for such a nice comment. Being green is easy to do when we just rethink things a bit. Love your idea about capturing the water before it gets hot.

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