Kitchen Tour – the pantry

The key to eating whole healthy foods is having whole healthy foods on hand. I like to keep a variety of ingredients on hand so that I can make a batch of muffins or pull together a quick dinner without having to run off to the store to pick up a can of something or worse pull out the take out menu. Here’s what I keep on hand. I have more than this list in my cupboards but on this list are the things I consider my basics.


This is my first pantry which used to be our hall coat closet until last year when I realized we weren’t really using it for coats and needed some extra storage for food.

In here I keep the following essentials:

Grains/ Pulses

Unbleached, Spelt, Whole Wheat Flour
Oats and Spelt Flakes
Dried Black, Navy, Kidney Beans
Puffed Wheat and Rice
Dried black, French green Lentils
Brown Rice

Pasta/ Cereals

Whole Wheat Macaroni
Crispy Rice

Canned Goods

Diced Tomatoes
Tomato Paste
Coconut Milk
Organic Baby Food ( I mostly feed table foods but keep these on hand for quick meal )

Snack Type Foods

Fruit cups packed in water
Boxes of Raisins
Preventia Cookies
Soda Crackers
Organic Suckers ( yes not everything organic is healthy but it is nice to stay organic when enjoying unhealthy items )


This is my second tiny pantry where I keep more baking type stuff.

Baking Essentials

Baking Soda and Powder
Carob Chips and Powder
Chocolate Chips and Cocoa Powder
Powdered Milk
Blackstrap Molasses
Miniature Marshmallows ( potty training incentives )

Oils listed in order of preference

Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Safflower Oil


Evaporated Cane Juice
Coconut Sugar
Dark Brown Sugar

I use honey most often.


Lastly this is the cupboard above my stove.


Smoked Sea Salt
Regular Sea Salt
Italian Blend
Coconut Aminos


Almond Meal
Peanut Butter

Then I keep a lot of tea on hand…everything seems better after a cup of tea.

What are your pantry must haves?

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2 thoughts on “Kitchen Tour – the pantry

    • In the home of my dreams I certainly wouldn’t be storing pantry items in the hall closet! Well at least we make do with what we have. But yes it would be lovely to have more kitchen space. Thanks for visiting.

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