Diet Soda Alternatives

When we decided as a family to start eating less processed foods we knew there would be some things that we had to give up. For hubby it was chocolate bars, he liked to take a bar for lunch everyday. For toddler she liked those Gerber cheese puffs. For me it’s diet soda. I am seriously addicted to artificially sweetened diet cola. Like pump that stuff into my veins addicted. Bad I know. I have finally almost kicked this habit. I still break down and have a glass every now and then. I can’t help it…I love that stuff.

Anyhow, finding suitable replacements has been key to my almost success. So for those of you who don’t want artificial sweeteners in your life here are some ideas. Also by way of disclaimer I only wish that I was sponsored by any or all of the products I mention cause they are awesome. Oh and if any of these companies want to send me free stuff please do so.

Homemade Flavoured Water

I usually just use lemon or lime wedges. For on the go I like to pack True Lemon packets. They give a great flavour to your water and are just crystallized lemon. They come in several varieties although I’ve only been able to find the lemon in my stores.

There are so many ways to add flavour to your water by infusing it with fruit or herbs, fresh cucumber slices. Monica from The Yummy Life has a bunch of great ideas and recipes. I think I’m going to try the raspberry lime.

Homemade Sweet Tea


I put two tea bags, usually organic black, into my mason jar and fill it up a quarter of the way with boiling water. I then add my sweetener and lemon slices. I usually use about two Tbsp honey or two packs of stevia. I recently tried xylitol, another natural sweetener but didn’t really care for it. After about four minutes I remove the tea bags and fill the jar with water and refrigerate until cool.

Fruit Spritzer

When I’m looking for something fizzy I will often turn to sparkling lemon water. For a real treat I will mash up some berries into a quick purée and top with sparkling water. This is so good. My favourite is raspberry. I find the fruit itself is sweet enough but you could add a bit of honey.


Now when only soda will do I absolutely love Zevia.


This soda is made from natural ingredients and is sweetened with stevia instead of artificial sweeteners. My favourite is the ginger root beer.

What do you drink to quench your thirst?

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