Our Food Philosophy

I have always loved to cook. I love testing new recipes, making up my own recipes, feeding my family and others. I generally love the joy of sharing good food with my family and friends. I started this blog with my husband to share our family’s journey to a simpler life. Part of this journey has meant an evolution in the way we think about the foods we are using to nourish our bodies and those of our daughters.

In starting this journey one thing is for sure, there is a lot of information out there about what food is the best food and a lot of people sharing information with their thoughts about how they feed their families. There are ideas about whole food, real food, organic, grains or no grains, low carb, soaking or not and more.

Deciding what is best for our family started off simple, with the feeling that what we were currently doing wasn’t quite right. As we move forward we aren’t following any specific rules or complicated food fads. We are trying to follow our instincts and carefully research and pray for guidance.

Here are a few things that do make sense to us.

Shopping Local

Every Saturday morning starts the same for our family. We wake up when the girls do ( usually too early in Mom and Dad’s opinion ) and get going to the farmers market. Walking into the market has such a great feeling. People carefully displaying their hand grown vegetables, homemade yogurt, freshly ground flours, locally raised meats. Feeding my family their passion feels right.

Once we’ve picked up our veggies, my girls favourite yogurt flavours and a little treat for dad we head over to our city’s food cooperative. Here we get dried beans, coconut oil, milk, eggs and other necessities carefully chosen by a board of people committed to bringing its members foods that are local, organic, fairly traded and natural. Recognizing the care these people take in selecting the goods they sell makes us feel good about feeding our family the products sold in this co-op.

Avoiding Highly Processed Foods

As a mama to two young children it is not realistic for me to feed my family only unprocessed foods. ( I do all the cooking) Nor does it feel right for us to be constantly stressed out about food. I do make the majority of our family’s foods from scratch using mostly organic foods, local when available. But I also don’t worry if my family has other carefully chosen commercially prepared foods or the occasional chocolate bar or even sugary drink. Avoiding processed foods without completely banning them feels right for our family.

Eating Simply Prepared Tasty Food

I don’t know about your family but mine likes food that tastes good. When preparing foods I like to take a simple approach using high quality ingredients. I don’t worry too much about counting calories, following fad food diets or complicated methods. Feeding my family food they enjoy feels right.

So far these ideas have been working for us. What works for your family?

Sharing at The Better Mom,
Growing Home

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