Honey WW Bread with Oatmeal

When I think of soup, which is what’s on the menu tonight, I think about a nice fresh homemade bun. Hubby really likes white bread and buns so when thinking about a whole wheat bread I knew that I wanted something that was a bit sweet, light, fluffy and simple. I used this recipe as a starting point. This gal has a wonderful blog called Homemaking Pilgrim and has a great post about making homemade bread. I did make a few changes to her recipe but followed the method fairly closely. Here’s what I did.

I use my kitchen aid to make all my dough. First place yeast, 1/2 cup warm water, Sucanat, and 2 Tbsp flour into the mixer’s bowl. Leave until the mixture is foamy, about ten minutes. If your mixture doesn’t foam you know your yeast is not good. If your water was on the hot side try again it may have been too hot, if it still doesn’t foam you’ll need new yeast.

Next add in the remainder of water, honey, blackstrap molasses, eggs, coconut oil and vital yeast gluten. The gluten will help create a fluffy well risen bread.

Once combined add in your ground oatmeal and salt. Mix to combine.

With your dough hook attached incorporate 7 cups of whole wheat flour. This was about the amount of flour my mixer could handle so I turned my dough out onto my floured table and kneaded in another 4 cups of whole wheat flour. Your dough is ready when you have a smooth elastic ball of dough. You may need more or less flour than I have used. I usually leave my dough a little tacky rather than add too much flour and end up with a brick for bread.

Allow your dough to rise until doubled. I always rise my dough covered in the oven with the light on.

Lastly divide your dough and allow to rise again until doubled. I made two loaves and twelve large buns. I baked the loaves at 350 for about 35- 40 mins and the buns for about 25- 30 mins. The bread is done when it sounds hollow when tapped.

Here’s what the finished loaves and buns looked like.


Honey Whole Wheat Bread with Oatmeal

2 Tbsp Dry Active Yeast
1 tsp Sucanat
2 Tbsp Organic WW flour
1/2 cup warm water

3 1/2 cups warm water
2 free range eggs
1/4 cup honey ( I used locally produced )
1/4 cup blackstrap molasses
1/2 cup coconut oil
2 Tbsp vital wheat gluten
1 cup ground Organic Old Fashion Rolled Oats
4 tsp salt
10- 12 cups Organic Whole Wheat Flour


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