My Cloth Diaper Routine

I have been cloth diapering my two girls for about six months and have a serious case of fluff love. When toddler was born I had considered cloth diapering but hubby was apprehensive so we never tried it. Then when baby girl was born a friend of ours was using cloth for her daughter and had some used diapers for sale so we took the plunge and haven’t looked back.

There are several things we like about cloth diapers; for example the green factor, the natural factor (girls aren’t in chemicals all day and night), we don’t have to lug around those giant diaper boxes, the savings etc… Most importantly there are a few products that as a mom I feel really cool using, cloth diapers are one of them.

I thought that I would post my cloth diaper routine for anyone who is interested in using cloth but wants to know what it entails. I’ve seen a lot of posts about the benefits of cloth but not a lot about the specifics of day to day use. So here it goes. This is a bit of a longer post so feel free to skim to what is of interest to you.

First here are the diapers I use


The zebra print are Kawaii Bamboo Pocket Diapers. I love Kawaii diapers because they are inexpensive compared to other brands and are effective. Each diaper comes with two inserts so you can customize the absorbency to meet your needs. I have heavy wetters so I use two inserts.

The pink cheetah print are ones I bought used and came with one microfiber insert so I added a Hemp Babies Diaper Doubler.

The middle diaper is a Bummis Organic Cotton Prefold that I use with either a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap or the pictured cover which I purchased from Sassybunz on Etsy. I use it with a Snappi Diaper Fastner.

The last white diaper is a Sunshine diaper. I purchased these used. They came with one microfiber insert and I add either a Hemp Babies Diaper Doubler or for shopping trips or whenever I need extra absorbency like when we are at church I add a Thirsties Hemp Insert

I store my diapers in three places for convenient changes. I store the bulk of the diapers in a dollar store basket in baby’s room.


I store a few of them in a drawer in a dresser in our living room. This is where I do a majority of our changes.


The prefolds and covers are stored downstairs in our playroom for when we are down playing and I don’t want to carry the girls upstairs for a change. They are too young to be left alone for even a moment.

Okay so what do I do when I need to make a change. All of my diapers are prestuffed so I just grab one and am ready to change. I use a Bummis Bio Soft Liner to make clean up easy. Here’s what it looks like in the diaper.


The liner sits on top of the diaper and catches all the messes. When you are done changing the liner and mess flushes down the toilet. Before moving on to storing dirty diapers and washing, I want to let you know what I use for changes. You may have noticed in the drawer there were lots of baby face clothes. I use these along with a diaper spray as my wipes.


I first spray the area with a diaper spray. I make my own with a small squirt of Castile soap, a Tbsp of olive oil and water. I keep it in a small squirt bottle that use to house Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion. Then I wipe clean with a cloth wipe and finish with either Thirties Booty Love or plain coconut oil. The benefit of using cloth wipes is that you do not need to put dirty diapers one place and wipes in another. I store dirty diapers in a garbage can in our bathroom.


Sometimes I will use a pail liner but mostly I just throw the diapers right into the can. I find that I wipe the can out if I use a liner or not so if I forget to put the liner in its no big deal. I find that the odour is fairly well contained in the trash can however if it gets stinky between washes I will sprinkle in some baking soda. I was every two to three days.

When it is wash time I head down to the machine and dump the contents of the pail into the washing machine and put it on a cold rinse to get rid of any mess the liner failed to catch. I pull out the inserts before the diapers go in the can so I don’t have to do it before putting the diapers in the wash. If I’ve forgotten to pull out a few liners they will usually come out in this initial rinse.


After the initial rinse I do a hot wash using a homemade detergent which I store in a Bum Genius Box.


Cloth Diaper Detergent

1 cup Washing Soda
1 cup Borax
1/2 cup Oxygen cleaner such as Oxyclean

Finally I do a second rinse in cold water then hang to dry.


This was a long post but contains all the info you should need to understand what is involved in cloth diapering. I hope I haven’t made it sound more difficult then it really is. Cloth is actually quite easy. It means an extra two- three washes a week.

Are you interested in cloth or already use them?

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