One Chicken- Meals two and three

Yesterday we enjoyed our second and third meal from our natural roasted chicken. If you didn’t see the original post I had purchased a natural organic chicken for just under 20 dollars and challenged myself to turn it into five healthy filling meals.

Here’s meal two which we ate at lunch


Toasted chicken and tomato sandwich on homemade bread for me. (The bread is made with white whole wheat flour for hubby). Chicken and cheese for toddler and baby. Hubby had chicken salad bunwiches sent for lunch. An easy filling lunch and a better alternative to processed lunch meat sandwiches.

Meal three was a little more complicated. It’s prep started two days ago when we finished meal one. After picking the chicken clean I made a homemade bone broth by placing the chicken frame in my crockpot with the leftover veggies, a few pours of apple cider vinegar and water. I left it for two days and then strained the broth through a cloth lined colander. Check out Traditional Foods for an awesome post on Bone Broth.

Here is what mine looked like when it was done:


For meal three I added these ingredients plus noodles:


And ended up with this:


The soup looks a little off coloured and frankly a bit gross because we added broccoli but we like it and the soup was good so we were willing to look past it’s appearance.

Tonight hubby is out of town so the girls and I are going to have meal four which will feature chicken and shrimp since we love shrimp and hubby not so much. I’m thinking pizza. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.

Anyone else enjoy the benefits of homemade bone broth? How do you make yours?

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